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At AAA Traffic Control, we understand that every work site and project has its unique requirements and demands and, therefore, requires specific and personalised traffic control management and planning. Our team of experienced and certified project managers can develop a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan (TMP) tailored to your specific scope of work. Our team works collaboratively with you to identify the specific traffic control management and planning needs of your project and design a plan that complies with all relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, and legislative requirements.

Not all tmp's are created equal

Strategic planning for ultimate safety and efficiency


Our Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is the cornerstone of maintaining safety and efficiency on your project sites. By covering all aspects of traffic control, from the initial assessment to the final stages of construction or event management, our TMP ensures that all operations proceed without disruptions, protecting both the public and the workforce alike.


Customised for your project’s demands


Understanding that every project has its own set of challenges and requirements, AAA Traffic Control’s traffic management plans are meticulously designed to align perfectly with the specific conditions of your site. Whether overseeing a sprawling construction site, orchestrating traffic around a bustling public event or ensuring safety during routine road maintenance, our approach integrates advanced planning techniques and regulatory compliance. 


We develop these plans with a focus on minimising disruption, enhancing safety and maintaining smooth operation throughout the duration of your project. This tailored approach not only meets but often exceeds the standard expectations for traffic management in diverse environments.


Advanced tools and expert execution


AAA Traffic Control leverages state-of-the-art technology and refined traffic management strategies to meticulously craft and implement your traffic management plan. Our team, equipped with extensive experience and deep expertise, uses advanced software and tools to anticipate and effectively manage any potential traffic issues. 


This proactive approach ensures the continuous flow of traffic and significantly reduces the risk of incidents, thereby safeguarding both the public and workers involved in the project.


Comprehensive coverage and services


In addition to delivering meticulously developed traffic management plans, AAA Traffic Control provides a comprehensive array of traffic management services. These services include implementing traffic guidance schemes that ensure precise routing and flow and emergency traffic management responses designed to swiftly address and resolve unexpected traffic-related emergencies. 


Our aim is to provide a seamless, integrated service that covers all aspects of traffic management, thereby ensuring project success and safety under various circumstances.

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Get in touch for tailored traffic solutions with AAA Traffic Control

Ready to ensure your project’s success with optimal safety and efficiency? Contact AAA Traffic Control to learn more about how our traffic management plans can serve your specific needs. 


We’re also here to help with traffic guidance schemes and emergency traffic management responses, ensuring you have all the support necessary for your project’s demands.

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The reach of our expertise goes beyond traffic guidance and management. We also offer:


  • Permit Applications — We handle the complex process of securing necessary traffic management permits from relevant authorities, ensuring legal compliance for your project.


  • Accredited Traffic Controllers — Our team of certified traffic controllers manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians safely around your site, trained to maintain high safety standards under various conditions.


  • Equipment Hire — We offer a wide range of high-quality traffic management equipment for rent, including signs, ramps, barriers and advanced technology to support your project’s needs.


  • Emergency Response Traffic Management — Our emergency response service is available 24/7 to address unexpected traffic issues, providing rapid deployment of resources and expertise to manage traffic during emergencies.

frequently asked questions

Yes, a traffic management plan is required for any construction project that impacts public roadways or footpaths. It ensures safety and minimises disruption to traffic flow, fulfilling legal requirements and maintaining a secure environment for both the public and construction workers.

A comprehensive traffic management plan should include details about the project area, the expected impact on traffic, safety measures, signage, detours and traffic controllers’ roles. It should also outline emergency response strategies and have clear objectives for managing both pedestrian and vehicle traffic efficiently.

Key elements of a traffic management plan include the following.

  • Risk assessment – This involves a thorough analysis of the construction site or event area to identify potential safety hazards. The goal is to develop strategies that mitigate these risks, ensuring a safe environment for workers and the public.
  • Traffic arrangements – Detailed planning of how traffic will be redirected around or through the work zone. This includes specifying lane closures, detours and the placement of signage to guide drivers and pedestrians safely.
  • Roles and responsibilities – Clearly delineate the responsibilities of each team member involved in traffic management. This ensures all personnel understand their duties and the part they play in maintaining safety and order.
  • Communication plans – Establish protocols for keeping all stakeholders, from project managers to local authorities, fully informed about the traffic arrangements and any updates. Effective communication is crucial for the coordination and execution of the TMP.
  • Monitoring and review – Continuous observation and assessment of the TMP once it is in operation are vital to promptly addressing any issues and adjusting the plan as needed to improve its effectiveness and safety outcomes.