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Traffic control is an essential part of any urban setting during work, from avoiding congestion to ensuring the quick and easy flow of trade and commerce. That said, not all routes are the same. You need a traffic guidance scheme tailored to your worksite’s unique needs and challenges. 

AAA Traffic Control understands the importance of appropriate traffic guidance schemes in maintaining worker safety and reducing public inconveniences. Our skilled, seasoned professionals specialise in creating and implementing complete traffic control management and planning strategies that achieve above and beyond results. 

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Traffic Control’s bespoke traffic guidance scheme

As Sydney’s top traffic management company, AAA Traffic Control proudly stands behind our ability to deliver efficient and effective traffic management that minimises disruptions while maximising safety.

We adhere strictly to the Traffic Control at Worksites (TCAWS) Manual and Australian Standards and are certified by TFNSW G10, having worked on some of the most significant construction and civil projects in NSW, including the Western Sydney Recycled Water Pipeline for Sydney Water and the Sydney Central Station and Viaduct Restoration for Sydney Trains. Our commitment to quality results is evident in every step of our process:

  • Consultation — Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the scope of your project and any relevant safety concerns. 


  • Creation of Clear, Detailed Plans — We then use our expertise to design a certified plan that details the location of all necessary signage, devices, markings, traffic cones and speed limit variables. 


  • Implementation — Upon execution, we make sure to address any learnings as they arise immediately and ensure you’re up-to-speed through the entire process. The result of our services is that all road users, including workers and pedestrians, are directed and managed safely through, past or around the work area.


With AAA Traffic Control, there are no questions or second-guessing — just clear and expertly drafted traffic control schemes.

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The reach of our expertise goes beyond traffic guidance and management. We also offer:


  • Permit Applications — We handle the complex process of securing necessary traffic management permits from relevant authorities, ensuring legal compliance for your project.


  • Accredited Traffic Controllers — Our team of certified traffic controllers manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians safely around your site, trained to maintain high safety standards under various conditions.


  • Equipment Hire — We offer a wide range of high-quality traffic management equipment for rent, including signs, ramps, barriers and advanced technology to support your project’s needs.


  • Emergency Response Traffic Management — Our emergency response service is available 24/7 to address unexpected traffic issues, providing rapid deployment of resources and expertise to manage traffic during emergencies.

frequently asked questions

What is a Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS), and why is it important?

A Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) is a detailed plan outlining how to safely manage traffic through or around work zones and event areas. It is crucial because it ensures the safety of workers and the public while minimising disruptions to traffic flow.

When do you need a traffic guidance scheme?

You need a traffic guidance scheme whenever there are changes to normal traffic conditions due to construction, utility works or public events. This ensures all traffic movements are managed safely and efficiently around the impacted area.

What is the difference between a traffic management plan and a traffic guidance scheme?

A traffic management plan is a comprehensive document that includes risk assessments, strategies and procedures for managing traffic for an entire project. In contrast, a traffic guidance scheme is more specific, detailing the actual setup of signs, devices and measures to guide traffic safely around or through a worksite or event.